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Day 93 - It's hard to argue against cynics - they always sound smarter than optimists because they have so much evidence on their side.

Day 93 - It's hard to argue against cynics - they always sound smarter than optimists because they have so much evidence on their side.

I was going to have me saying something on the other side, but it didn't turn out how I wanted it to, haha. Oh well. THIS IS WHY I NEED PHOTOSHOP! The cheapest I've found is $432.00 =( I need it. Ugh, oh well. Can't have everything, haha.
So the inspiration for this photo comes form my mother and sister because they're arguing right now, and I'm getting in the middle -.- And I can't get any of my photos developed now. Oh well.
I just hate it because I want to take my mother's side, but I'm so close with my sister, I don't want to lose that. And I also want to take my sister's side, but I'm kinda close with my mother and don't want to upset her. I can see where both are coming from, and both have valid points...
*sigh* Well, oh well. Anyway, so I did my Russian project today. I had to give a tour of my home in Russian which wasn't terrible. You couldn't use notes. But I don't care about that, haha. I just hesitate a lot.
....Nothing's really been going on... I have school tomorrow, and History ;) But I'll probably be distracted for the whole class =/ It's going to be weird without my best friend. I miss him already.

"I'm not listening, not anymore
The more I learn, the more I ignore
I'm not listening, not anymore
The more I hear, the more I ignore
I'm not listening, not anymore, No

Cause You gotta be bigger, be faster, be stronger
if your gonna survive any longer
in this lifetime, it better be the right time
cause your first time might be your last time
am I a failure if I got nothing to lose
No, I'm not a failure, I got something to prove

I'm not listening, not anymore
The more I learn, the more I ignore
I'm not listening, not anymore
The more I hear, the more I ignore, the more I ignore

Cause I've lost my innocence
and I'm a stranger, A life changer
I'm a man thats not afraid of danger
I walk my own path, and blaze my own trail
because I'm not afraid to derail
I won't get in line or be your middle man
so fuck you I'll make my own plans
and I got respect and I dont neglect
the people that I really care to protect
am I a failure, if I got nothing to lose
No, I'm not a failure, I got something to prove "

("Not Listening" by Papa Roach) I changed the song ^^

it's only a change of time...

it's only a change of time...

so I thought today was a generally *not so good* day when my (quite new and quite expensive, thank you) tripod broke. it is usable as long as I keep it in the fully extended position and don't try to adjust it in the slightest, which makes it about 90% less fun. it apparently decided to join the huge pile of my things that seem to think it a great idea to break like RIGHT NOW, YEAH!! (one of my two DSLR-batteries, anyone? it's not exactly a cheap hobby this photography thing and I would hope that my things would not just short circuit themselves for no good reason, but apparently that was too much to ask for)
little did I know some magnificent dunderhead had decided to try and use my credit card to play online poker. for a lot of money. thankfully, no money was lost because my bank realised it was fraudulent, but my card is now disabled and I have to wait for a new one to arrive to my house back in Sweden and then to be sent over here, which means no access to my money for, oh, at least a week or so.
plus I'm in a generally bad mood and the pictures I tried for today failed epically (maybe because I was in such a bad mood for having to MacGyver my tripod back together before attempting them), and so this was an emergency picture which I'm ashamed to say is all you're getting today.
oh, and flickr seems to be feeling a bit hormonal as well, so I've literally had to copy and paste this description about ten times to get it to save to the picture.

BUUUUT looking on the bright side, which I'm horrible at, I want to say thank you for all the attention I've been getting for the past week. Almost every single one of the pictures I've posted have made it into explore, and, honestly, things like that keep me going through days like these. (although, seriously, people advertising in my comments.. I get posting your own pics and links to your photostream, it's not classy, but I get it. just advertising that you sell random t-shirts or something.. come on!)
And thanks for letting me vent. Not that I'm asking you if I can, I realise I'm just throwing my venting in your faces and hope that you don't shrivel up in piles of negative energy, but thank you.

make your own t shirt cheap

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