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High School Wet T Shirt

high school wet t shirt

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Wet n Wild Jezabel.....

Wet n Wild Jezabel.....

Day 66 and finally caught up with the project.

You all are probably thinking now what in the world does that title mean and what is with this picture......

I really didn't add too much editing to this, as that reflection effect was totally by accident. I did play with some exposure colors, but I had set the camera on my laptop lid so I could get some height....the laptop is a shiny black and does reflect like a mirror at times....I just thought this was so cool that the bottom part reflected off the laptop...

This photo is to capture my manicure I gave myself last night. I had been wanting to get acrylics done at the nail salon for months, but never really wanted to waste the $30 dollars on it, because I was afraid I would need the money for something more important, like gas lol Well I didn't paint my nails for like 6 weeks it seemed in hopes i'd be able to save the money. Saturday night, I finally gave in and painted them after I painted Jolene's from when she ripped off the fake ones on her. I was using a color called Vineyard by Pure Ice....I used it on my toes as well and loved the color as it was similar to this and kind of glittery. Well, the polish was getting empty and it was very glumpy and just did not look nice. I always use a clear top coat as well to help keep the color longer. The polish was such crap underneath, that by Monday after work, I came home and had almost no polish left. I went to Wal*Mart after work to get some things and decided I would get a new bottle of Vineyard. Then I looked some more for some kiddie-like colors I could get for Jolene....

That's when I found the Wet & Wild Display....for $0.93 a bottle!!!! The Pure Ice was over $2. I liked the colors so much better too. I ended up getting 4 colors and a new clear top coat in this brand and didn't even spend $5. I painted my nails last night before I went to bed....I am soooooo happy with this polish it's not even funny...it took not even 10 minutes for it to dry completely and it went on sooo smooth...plus I paid not even a dollar for it and got such a high quality. I have used Wet n Wild Products in the past, but it's been years...I am sooo glad I rediscovered them!

The shade I have on is a new color and it's called Jezabel...lol...I just thought it was funny for a nice shade that looks great on and there are some light sparkles in it too. The Pure ice took a half hour if not longer to dry, and it looked like crap. My nails still look nice today. I would highly recommend this brand to people!

I had a shade of polish in high school called Sandlewood Frost and it was similar to this color, but more purplish and really glittery, but not tacky. I used to stock up on it, but now I don't even remember what brand it was, as I wore it everyday. I have yet to find a shade I loved so much, but I am thinking "Jezabel" is a close winner!

Now off for a walk. :-)

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Natural Light,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Natural Light,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

As you can see I'm back doing what I do out here in rural Thailand.

Took the D300 Nikon and 17-55 2.8 into class today and started shooting kids, no I didn't go postal, you all know what i mean..;-)
The light was coming in from the South so I partly shut the wooden shutters that is visible in the DoF cutting off at least half the harsh light, sat the student on a desk and fired away.
This is an old old wooden building you have seen before and I still like using it
for it's Southern exposure on a bright day.

There is two ceiling fans slowly moving the air around about 22 students driving the already high humidity through the roof. My shirt is dripping wet as is my hands so I made sure to keep an extra grip on the camera.
Even though the Op-Tech strap is wrapped around my wrist why take a chance, right ?

The kids are standing in a semi-circle behind using future board to fan me while I work, life is good...;-)

The noise level is a constant hum as the kids are so excited, they are zipping around on the old wood floor giggling and jabbering away in Thai that sounds like a bunch of little birds.

A couple hours after this shot the sky finally opened up with a down poor that came thundering in from China.
Feels good to have the temperature drop while the rain washes the air and gives a new fresh smell .

By the way my new model is very tiny and I believe she is in the second grade here where I work.

Next week the school gets a set of CD's with all 350 shots taken today.
Kids and teachers will get to view themselves on a TV, good time will be had by all....;-)

Thanks for coming by and taking a look. .

All hand held using natural light.
. Please No Graphics.

high school wet t shirt

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